Having a Craic in Dublin, Ireland


I always love going around castles because the amount of detail all around is astonishing. We took a tour around the castle… I’m sure it was informative but most of the time, Pia and I snuck into different rooms to get solo pictures 😁

Also, just the history in a 500 year old castle was so fascinating. Being in a castle, you can put yourself in a time period long ago — a time when women had a room to check the mirror before heading into the party hall, just to make sure their petticoats weren’t sticking out because then it would “send the wrong message”.

I highly recommended visiting the Dublin castle if you’re in the city. 😊


We went around the Guinness Storehouse here in Dublin yesterday. Apparently it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions! (Well people love their beer, no doubt).
It’s a 7 storey warehouse that has an audio/visual tour around the history of Guinness. Now I know that beer is made of barley, yeast, water and hops. I was surprised by how intensive beer processing is, some of which are boiling, fermenting, maturation, etc.

On the 7th floor, we were able to try a pint. Gotta say, I thought I would enjoy it more, but beer really is an acquired taste. (One that I haven’t acquired yet)
But hey, now I can say…I’VE HAD AN IRISH PINT!!! 🍻

A highlight of the trip was also meeting our second cousins for the first time ever. You wouldn’t know it if you put us side by side, some are red-headed, 6 ft tall, and have the thick Irish accent. They were so warm and welcoming to us! Can’t wait to visit them again.

I enjoyed walking around Dublin and getting a feel of the charming city.

Pam x



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