So I watched Sam Smith in Vancouver and the show was AMAZING. His album “In the Lonely Hour” has been on repeat since the day it came out. If you haven’t heard his music yet…who are you and where have you been.

My favourite description of Sam Smith that my sister said once: His voice is like butter melting on your body.

Honestly, he’s such a good performer. Half the time I wasn’t sure whether I was gonna cry or scream of excitement. I captured some of the magical moments of the show for you. Click on the songs below to watch it!

The photo set above are the photos I posted on Snapchat that night and you can clearly see the process of my heart melting with each song he did hahaha

We waited by the backstage door for about 45 minutes after the show in hopes of meeting Sam. Unfortunately, he didn’t go outside his tour bus but he was sweet enough to put up some signs to talk to the fans outside and also peep out his window to sign autographs and take a couple selfies with people.

The last photo we took was with one of his backup singers. If ever you’ve seen/are going to watch Sam Smith live, watch his backup dancers during the more upbeat songs. They were dancing and having a good time…it was infectious!

Till the next concert!

-Pam x

concert, music, vancouver

That Time I Watched Sam Smith & Met Him


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