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A Spontaneous Trip to Hong Kong

I was looking through my iPhoto albums and came across the photos from my trip to Hong Kong last year. So for my 18th birthday my parents booked a trip for me and my mom to Hong Kong. Now some people might complain on going on a trip with their mom, but since I’m really close to mine (and I don’t live with her anymore), I was excited for some mother-daughter bonding.

We had a chaotic start to our trip because …long story short, we thought the flight was canceled but on the day of the flight my mom received an email confirming it. So she woke me up in a panic at 8:30a.m., I literally threw random clothes in a suitcase and we were on our way to the airport by 9.

With no hotel booked and no itinerary, we were off on an adventure.

Thankfully, we found a place to stay! My mom’s old college friend was nice enough to let us stay at her place so last minute. We somehow made our way to the heart of the city (near Tsim Sha Tsui) and waited for her to pick us up from there.

I didn’t realize that property in Hong Kong was so expensive considering the apartments/houses were small. For once, another city beat the ridiculous prices of Vancouver property!

Here are a couple photos I took on our trip:

I would recommend going at night when you all the buildings are lit up so you could cruise around and see this:


Taking the harbour cruise across:


We grabbed some drinks as we were watching the light show then walked around the pier for a while. When we were taking the train at around 11pm, I thought it would be pretty quiet in the city…but NOPE. It was so busy literally I was being squished on the train because of how many people there were. 11pm?!? Really?!? HK is like the city that never sleeps (part two).

Stanley Plaza. My mom and I hopped on buses that took us hours away from the city and we just wandered wherever we pleased 🙂

I’d never traveled like this before (usually my mom plans our trips to the dot) so this was a really interesting experience. It made finding hidden pretty places all the better.



(Lol at that “staring off into the distance” look and edit though)

We went shopping around the little stalls…ah! I can’t remember what it was called but it was such a quaint place! I’ll write it in when I remember! (Edit: It’s Stanley Plaza)



This next photo is not an accurate representation of Hong Kong. This was taken in one of the busiest places where you can go bargain shopping. I think everyone decided to hide when my mom took this photo of me because in reality there were crowds of people shopping and walking around…seriously, where did they all go?!?


One thing about Hong Kong: PEOPLE LOVE TO SHOP and eat. For two days, we just went around shopping in their ginormous malls. There was even a six storey Forever 21 there! Usually I’d be overwhelmed and be too lazy to look around, but my mom offered to buy me a couple things so I had a look around 😉


But she ended up buying more stuff than me…

On the last day we headed to Lantau Island where we took a 25 minute cable car ride up to the NGONG PING NATURE CENTRE.

It’s a “village” that has a rustic feel to it, which I loved. It’s filled with tourist attractions, activities (hiking), shops, and restaurants. It also leads you to the top of the mountain where the huge Tian Tan Buddha (“Big Buddha”) is located.



We weren’t able to see the Big Buddha because it started POURING. We were soaking wet on the ride back, but we had fun exploring nonetheless.

One dessert place you have to try if you’re in Hong Kong is Honeymoon Place. They have such creative desserts and they’re really good too! I insisted on going there every night… 😀


That’s the end of the end of our spontaneous trip! Pardon the excessive solo pictures, but there was only two of us on that trip and we weren’t gonna whip out a tripod haha I think I had more pictures so I’ll post it when I get a hold of my hard drive.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

♥ Pam T.


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