Vocals as good as ever. Drumming as intense as ever. Quiff as high as ever. Kyle’s ‘stache as long as ever. It was all great.

The set list was similar to the one I watched back in April but with a few new ones like The Drive and they SANG NO SCRUBS (cover) and I fangirled so hard it’s unreal. Yes it was as amazing as you think a Bastille show would be.

Watched from the third row this time around but idc I still jumped around and danced. For real though there’s something about people at concerts…they’re either the most annoying people on the face of the earth that shove you to get 1.5 inches closer to the stage and there are those that you end up fangirling with and becoming bffs. There is no in between.

x Pam

concert, music

Bastille in Concert!


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