Taking A Break From Studying (Which lasted longer than i planned…)

For any other uni student out there, we all know it’s that stressful time of the year — final exams are upon us. (Cringe.) I’ve been writing notes, doing practice questions, and reading endless chapters this past week that I needed a break from it all. It can all get really stressful so I always make sure to take a little breather when I can.

As a reward after my 6 hour study session today, I watched The Theory of Everything. Ugh. Such a good movie. It told the story of Stephen and Jane Hawking beautifully. No Hollywood clichés; just a story about hope and love, and the beautifully tragic moments that come with it. I highly recommend it! Warning: IT’S A TEAR FEST. So go bring some tissues with you. Also, we brought blankets with us to the theatre since we were cold and …why haven’t I been doing this this whole time?!

Sadly, I’ve had a book on my bedside table collecting dust all semester long. I don’t get to read as much I would like during the semester due to my textbooks being the top priority. However, I do like taking a break from it and doing some light reading every week with timemagazine. (Quality writing. Highly recommended.) To take a break from finals I decided to read the ones I’ve missed over the past few weeks. I love that it’s been about pop culture (because it’s my guilty pleasure).


I watched Interstellar and was fascinated by the idea of time as the fifth dimension, and also the human nature of yearning for a connection with other humans. This was also another huge tear fest brought to the world by my favorite mastermind of a director, Christopher Nolan.

Taylor Swift. 1989. 
Hands down her best record so far. I love how she took a leap by switching over to the pop genre, but didn’t lose the art of storytelling from her country roots. Don’t even ask me what my favorite track from this album is. I LITERALLY CAN’T CHOOSE ONE. They’re all masterpieces.

I’ve been a fan of hers since “Teardrops On My Guitar” days. I know every lyric to every song on every album. I’ve been to two concerts, and hopefully more in the future. I constantly creep her Tumblr (taylorswift) as well… I mean what Taylor fan doesn’t? If there’s one person to look up to in the industry of super-famous-and-successful people, it’s Taylor. I could go on about how great she is, but I shouldn’t because that would just take too long.

I’m excited for the rest of the Oscar/Academy Award worthy movies to keep rolling in, like the Imitation Game. Bring on the mind games and the feels. I’ve taken an interest to the art of film recently, I particularly like watching how actors talk about their movies with so much passion. (Watch this to see what I mean.)

Well, this post turned out longer than I thought it would be… Out of curiosity, what were your favourite films, songs, or albums this year?

Good night everyone! Good luck to any exam takers out there…we’re so close.

Xo, Pam

Countdown to Christmas: 18 days


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