2015 Resolution #1: READ MORE

Looking back at 2014, the only “books” I read were my textbooks for class…that means I only read economics, accounting, biology, and mental health books. Yes, they were all interesting, but I miss reading for fun.

Saw this in the bookstore and couldn’t agree more. I’m definitely guilty of giving up books and trading it for other stories – like Buzzfeed articles, Tumblr qutoes, and a little bit of Reddit.


So for my first “New Years” (heck, it’s almost February) Resolution, I’m gonna make it a point to read more. There’s nothing like being engrossed in a book and getting lost in another world. I’m aiming to read one book per month, and so far so good.

I’ve read two books so far:

  1. 10 Billion by Stephen Elliot – An easy read that sums up why our unsustainable lifestyle is leading to an ugly future if we don’t act fast.
  2. The Dinner by Herman Koch – A Gone Girl-esque book. Page turner. Interesting and slightly messed up.
  3. Lullabies by Lang Leav – A compilation of poetry written by Leav about exploring the “intricacies of love and loss.” Thanks to my best friend for introducing me to this wonderful genre of poetry. 


I’ve got a couple books lined up to read but if anyone has any recommendations, let me know. I’m pretty open to different genres! Except 50 Shades of Grey, that is.

Here’s a picture of me reading 10 Billion on the beach on New Years Day, reflecting on the damage that mankind is doing to the environment, like this island (but not seen in this photo).


Still thinking of other resolutions to set for myself this year. I jotted down the usual: work out regularly, eat healthier, do better in school, and be more active (volunteer/social life lol) but I don’t usually”succeed” if I don’t make concrete goals. This “Resolutions” post will be continued, I guess…




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