So I finally watched Hozier’s concert last week! His album might be one of my all time favourites, so it was amazing to hear it live. I gotta say he’s probably one of the few artists that sound better live than on the record. The fullness of his voice just filled the theatre.

Most people would probably know him as “the take me to church” guy, but I suggest you get his entire album and listen to it. YOU’RE WELCOME. His “genre” is somewhere around indie rock, soul, and blues music (according to Wiki). Click this, this and this for some of my favourite videos.

My favourites are: Like Real People Do, Work Song, Jackie and Wilson, From Eden, In A Week…..I know that’s pretty much half of the album.

He was nice enough to come say hi to people waiting for him after the show (we waited a looong time in the cold, but it was worth it!) First off, HE’S TALL. Like 6’5 tall so I felt like a midget next to him. Second, he’s really sweet and humble. Third, MAN BUN ON POINT. That’s all.

I took some videos during the concert: Work Song, Like Real People Do, In A Week

Now go enjoy his music.

x Pam

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Meeting Hozier!!!


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