just a little 2am post

countdown 2 weeks till i see my older sister, Patch! it’s been quite a (not so pleasant) experience living without her these past 4 months. it’s the first time we’ve ever been apart for so long and as much as we fight when we’re together, i’ve realized that it’s worse not having her around. all my little rants, major freakout moments, lazy bum days are always with her. plus, the nhl playoffs are happening right now and she’s my hockey buddy.


countdown 3 weeks till i see my other older sister, Pia! she moved away over a year ago and it absolutely sucks not having her around. she’s the one i sing & dance with to all the crappy pop songs, freak out over boy bands with, and watch tv shows with. (as well as rant, freak out etcetc) we’ve got a few trips planned together this summer so i can’t wait for those!

I think anyone close to their sibling knows that it’s a very different and special (excuse the cheesiness) relationship to have. I’ve been going through life with them by my side this entire time, so they understand where i’m coming from when i express my thoughts/opinions. A good thing about having two older sisters that are open-minded, wiser, and more experienced is that they give me unlimited advice from two different perspectives. It’s funny how two people who are opposites can still get along so well (but to be fair, i act as the mediator…without me they would have pulled each others hairs out already)

One big thing that I’ve come to realize is that I can be myself 100% around them, and never apologize for it. That’s one of the most important things i could ever ask for. As cliche as it sounds, i genuinely don’t know what i would do without them. From scuba diving together, talking till 4am contemplating on the meaning of life, and dancing till 4am to beyonce and taylor swift, they’re the best people to go through it all with. oh, best travel buddies too. I can’t wait till we finally travel together at the end of the year…it’s going to be an epic one!

So this turned out to be a sister appreciation post, but i just miss them so much hehe

Of course, i had to use a lot of our pictures from europe last summer. 1) because they’re awesome (especially the shot in the louvre where pia and i are copying statues haha) 2) we aren’t together for most of the year so we don’t have a lot of pictures together.

♡ Pam T.

Edit: Change of plans! We’re ALL gonna be reunited in exactly 10 days! Couldn’t be happier!

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To My Sisters, Pia & Patch


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