I’m currently in Coron, Palawan in the Philippines and wanted to share a quick post!

My sister, my cousin and I have been going on a tour everyday while we’ve been here and we got really lucky with our tour guides. They’ve been so friendly and open with us that it’s made this trip memorable already.

While we were snorkelling around one of the coral gardens, our tour guide gave us an up close and personal (more than we wanted!) introduction to some of the marine life here. I’ve learned a lot about the different corals, clams, sea urchins, and fish (like this puffer fish) from them…way better than learning from a textbook. When we spotted a sea urchin, our head tour guide, Bernie, just went under and grabbed it by the bottom to show us. What are you doing?! All I know about those spiky creatures is that they’re poisonous…so I repeat…WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Apparently sea urchins’ spines aren’t poisonous, it’s the mouth structure beneath the spines that are…but I still wouldn’t touch one!

The puffer fish was really cool to see up close because as a scuba diver I’ve seen it swimming around (not puffed), and I’ve always been curious to see what it would look like…turns out it’s really cute!!! 🐡 This particular species of puffer fish isn’t poisonous and the spikes weren’t very sharp either. The dangerous part about it is the mouth because it can bite you with its sharp teeth and rip your entire hand off. No, I’m kidding…it’ll just be like getting bitten by a mouse. Actually I’ve never been bitten by a mouse so I wouldn’t really know. Moving on… It felt like holding a little balloon!

Anyways, I loved seeing it up close and learning about it. I can’t wait to make more underwater friends. (Not that I have any above the water. Ha ha. I kid.)

*No marine life were harmed in this blog post*   *I put the puffer fish back in the water 2 seconds after taking the picture and watched it release the air and swim away safely*    *The sea urchin is fine and still scary*

Pam T.

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Holding a Puffer Fish in Coron, Palawan


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