I went for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants last Friday, Kitanoya Guu in Gastown. Finally spent some time with the bff who I’ve barely seen this semester, which is shocking since we’ve practically been attached to the hip since the 10th grade. While we were waiting for a table we decided to stroll around Gastown since it was all lit up and christmassy. I really don’t like cold weather, but christmas music, lights, and crisp winter air definitely make up for it.

Since Carina got the new iPhone 6s, we spent the night playing around with the live photo feature and twirling around the streets. We definitely got some weird looks our way…but then again, that happens every time we hang out. We ended up with some pretty cute photos, and since I’m staying off social media for a month I decided to post it on here!

Side story: So I realized that I spend way too much time on social media, both on my phone and laptop, on a daily basis. I’m talking about hours going by just stalking other people (yes, stalking. c’mon we all do it) and watching puppy videos, vines, and buzzfeed. Last week in my cognitive science class we discussed how social interactions have changed with the rise of technology and it’s fascinating how much it has changed over time. Case in point: all our lives we’ve been learning how to interact with others, but as we get older and spend more time on our devices, the less we interact with people. I’m definitely guilty of this. So instead of going for the extreme of not using my phone for a while, because let’s be honest I need it for practical reasons too, I decided to delete the “unnecessary apps” that I waste majority of my time on: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m only trying this out for a month though since I know that social media has its benefits too. It’s already been a week, and I have to admit it’s not as hard as I thought it would be…I haven’t caved in and re-downloaded the apps but I may have creeped on FB once or twice. Eep. We’ll see how the next few weeks go…shouldn’t be that bad considering final exams are coming up so it’s actually good that I don’t have these distractions around me then.


I can’t even contain my excitement for the coming Christmas season because for the first time ever I’m not spending it in Manila or Vancouver…I’m spending it in AUSTRALIA!!! WHAT. SOMEONE PINCH ME.

I’m staying over in Auckland, NZ (hi kiwis) for 2 days, then meeting up with my family and family friends in Australia! We’re visiting Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and Sydney while we’re there. I couldn’t be more excited for this trip because we’re gonna be getting up to some crazy stuff like bungee jumping, sky diving, penguin watching, doing the Great Ocean road trip, wine tasting…the list goes on. On top of all that, it’s summer there too. Hallelujah. Enough with the coats and gloves, it’s time to bring out the shorts and tank tops again!

I’m a bit tempted to vlog our trip since I spend so much time watching other people’s travel vlogs and I constantly watch my footage after a trip…so hmm…we’ll see if that happens. I’m already planning out all shots and audio in my head! Ahh the excitement!

Now I just have to get through the last 1.5 weeks of school, 3 final exams, and 1 paper then it’s off to the other side of the world, or should I say, DOWN UNDAH. Bring on the koala bears, Aussie accents, and Chris Hemsworths…or Liam…no preference, really.



Countdown to Christmas!


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