My Travel Video Around South East Asia (Bangkok, Bali, Singapore)

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of places around the world with my family, but this past summer a little bug in me wanted to experience it on my own. I’ve only ever done it once – back in grade 10 I signed up for Encounters with Canada, a program where around 80 students from all over Canada go to Ottawa for a week to engage in discussions, represent our province, tour the city, and meet other young people. It was an interesting experience doing it alone, but since we had a set itinerary, a facility to ourselves, and everything else planned out for us, I wouldn’t really consider it “solo traveling”.

This time around, I booked plane tickets to 3 places: Bangkok, Bali, and Singapore. I had been to Bangkok and Singapore when I was younger, but I barely remember what it was like. Luckily, I had relatives/friends in both places that were nice enough to show me around and give me a little taste of the local life.

Bali on the other hand was a completely new experience. I had no set itinerary upon landing there, only a hostel booked and a list of “Things I Want To Do”. It may seem like I was being a daring traveler and was up for “going wherever the wind takes me”, but it was really just poor preparation on my part. Nevertheless, there was wi-fi there so I was able to look up places I wanted to go to, and when that failed, locals were nice enough to help me out.

I’ve been wanting to post a whole bunch of stuff from my trips over the past few months, but school always gets the best of me. Anyways, here’s a video I made of my trip there! Hope you like it!

(P.S. Watch in 1020hd)



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