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Full House

My dinners used to be filled with voices coming from my laptop. Dinner time meant time to catch up on all my YouTube videos. From watching the daily vloggers, to late night talk shows, to make-up tutorials, and whatever other viral video is going around that day, those are the one sided conversations I have at the end of the day.

That’s why when my family started flying in one by one, I got really excited. With every additional person, it was like an additional 30 minutes at the dinner table. Without having deadlines and assignments looming over my dinner, I’m finally able to sit back, relax, and enjoy home cooked meals and company once again.

Our dinners usually take about 1 hour, but on a good night (which is most nights), we can spend 2.5 to 3 hours at the table. (Unfortunately there is a strong correlation between the time we spend at the dinner table and the amount of food consumed.) I think the longest we’ve ever gone was from 8pm-1am. YES. 1AM. Sitting at the dinner table. That was a special case though. Everything happened from talking, to fighting, to crying, to making up, to laughing, and back to talking. However, even on normal nights my mom has to pause the conversation, and remind us of the time aka that it’s getting too late.

Living alone (or with 1 out of 6 family members) has it’s perks. The independence (no curfew, taking care of yourseld) and being able to do things at your own pace (CHORES) are probably the top 2 things I like most. But there’s nothing like having dinner and filling the room with stories and laughter at the end of the day…and not ones that come from your laptop.


Tokyo, Japan – 2017



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