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Current Obsession: Hamilton

If you haven’t heard about Hamilton, where have you been?

To be fair I only found out about it when they performed on the Grammys back in February. Since then, it’s blown up and it’s the hottest ticket in Broadway. Just a quick description for anyone that isn’t aware, it’s a Broadway show performed through hip-hop/rap music reliving significant moments of the life of one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton (mostly during the American Revolution and getting his financial plan through Congress).

It doesn’t sound very convincing BUT IT WORKS. I’ve literally been obsessed with the soundtrack for the past 4 months. The story line, the music, the lyrics…BRILLIANT. Lin Manuel Miranda, the person who wrote it all and stars as Hamilton, is a genius. Aside from bringing a different style of music to Broadway, the color-blind casting is changing the game.

Of course when I started obsessing over the soundtrack, it was only natural that I dug deeper into the world of Hamilton. I’ve watched 99% of cast interviews, behind the scenes, and performances that I could find on YouTube. Being a self-proclaimed non-artistic person, I am so fascinated hearing other people talk about their passion for the arts, from the initial concepts to performing on stage. This is one of my favorite interviews of Lin where his passionate and humble personality shines through.

Watch this:

(Props to Emma Watson for being a great interviewer/conversationalist, and just the right amount of fan girl.)

Now go listen to the soundtrack! (It’s on Spotify and Apple Music)

♡ Pam


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