PNW USA Road Trip 1: Vancouver to Seattle

Who doesn’t love a little road trip? This past May we planned a road trip along the Pacific North West. Our route took us from Vancouver -> Seattle -> Cannon Beach -> Portland over five days. With the Lemonade and Hamilton soundtracks plugged in, we were ready to go.

Thankfully the line at the Peace Arch Border wasn’t long so we got to Seattle in about 2.5 hours. Our first stop for lunch was none other than Jollibee! Yes, Filipinos at heart. It’s been way too long since we’ve had any of that crispy fried chicken and sticky rice. After lunch, we headed to our bed and breakfast, The Bacon Mansion. It’s located in Capitol Hill, a quaint place with lots of coffee shops and stores within walking distance. It was a nice place to stay in, although I was disappointed when there was no bacon served for breakfast…

The reason we went to Seattle in the first place was to watch Beyonce’s concert. We watched her Mrs. Carter show back in 2013, so it was about time we watched her live again. I’ve been to a lot of concerts and I gotta say Beyonce is probably one of the best. Her vocals, the set, choreography, her outfits…definitely a must-see artist. 100% worth it.

Apologies to everyone sitting around my sister and I, our horrible vocals were probably a pain to listen to.

While still on a post-Lemonade high the next day, we set out to see what Seattle had to offer. Despite living a few hours north of the city for the past seven years, we had never really explored it. Our first stop was the one and only Seattle Space Needle.

We had a clear 360 view of the city from the top. There’s a Space Needle app you can download that has details of the visible landmark and fun facts, so you actually knew what you were looking out at.

Space Needle

Looking for the cast of Grey’s Anatomy from the top of the Space Needle

Next stop was right next door: The Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. The tickets we bought were $46, for both the Space Needle and glass museum (you can buy tickets on their website). I had never heard of the museum and didn’t know what to expect from it, but when we walked in I was immediately impressed by the exhibits that were made purely of blown glass sculptures.

Chihuly Museum
My favourite exhibit, the Sea Life Tower, standing 10 ft tall
What a sight
The exhibits extend out to the garden

Gorgeous! I’ve never seen art quite like this. Before we knew it, the morning was over and it was time for lunch! Of course, we went to Pike Place Market for food.

We chose an open stall, Pike’s Pit Bar-B-Que, which was serving delicious pulled pork dishes for about $10. I’d recommend having the pulled pork with potato salad!

Photo creds: Google
Not the most appealing photo, but this is the pulled pork sandwich I got ($9.50)

I wanted to make a stop at the gum wall a few blocks away (it’s basically a wall covered with thousands of chewed gum…yup). Unfortunately, we had to head out and get back on the road to drive down to Cannon Beach before it got dark.

Till the next one!



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