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Mondays can be fun too c/o Jack Garrat

So… I had a pretty spontaneous Monday last week. As you can see from my previous blog post, I started listening to Surprise Yourself by Jack Garrett last week. Well, on Sunday night Patch and I were listening to his album on Spotify and coincidentally, he was playing a show in Vancouver on Monday night.

We were tempted to buy tickets until reality hit us and we realized that we had papers to write and big tests to study for in the coming week. So on we went with studying and streaming…

Then came Monday.
I was on the bus to school and received three consecutive messages from Patch:

“So do you wanna watch tonight?”
“Nevermind. Bought the tickets. Pay me $25. See you tonight.”

And there ya go. After my lecture ended, I went to the downtown campus and tried to spew out as many words as I could before the show at 8pm.

8pm: JACK GARRETT LIVE at the Commodore Ballroom!


He’s a one-man show — commanding the stage with his raspy voice while playing several instruments at the same time. He had 2 keyboards to his left, a beat board in front, a drum set to his right, and an electric guitar strapped around him. What. I can’t even play one instrument. I swear he was an octopus in a previous life.

Anyways. Worth seeing live. Amazing performer. Good break from reality. 100% recommend getting tickets to see him…especially while it’s cheap!

I took some videos on my phone but they ended up being really shaky and loud (should’ve known). So here are live videos taken with better sound quality and where you can actually see his face.

Surprise Yourself


One of my favorite shows that I’ve watched, but had to pay for it by pulling an all nighter to finish a research paper due at 8:30am the next day. Worth it.

P.S. I binge watched The Night Manager this week and WOW. What a series. Highly recommend it. Not just for Tom Hiddleston’s jaw-dropping looks acting, but the plot, direction, other cast members, etc. Such a great show! If only there were more than 6 episodes…



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