the cure to being burnt out

I’ve been so up and down and all around these past few weeks. I can tell because I’ve been very emotional towards little things recently and I cried more than usual during the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode (a telling sign). It’s a compound of stress from school, constant lack of sleep, and recently going through a break up… Trump winning for president did not help. AT ALL.

For some reason I always think I can “Superwoman” my way through 5 upper division courses like it’s no big deal. Wrong. So so very wrong.

October flew right over my head…probably because my head was always crouched down reading textbooks. To say it was a busy and stressful midterm season is an understatement. Whenever I finish a task or a test and put my feet up to relax, another assignment comes up and I find myself crawling back to my desk.
A snippet of October:
12 – midterm for HSCI 307: health research methods
14 – midterm for MBB 222: molecular biology and biochemistry
17 – quiz for HSCI 340: social determinants of health
18 – group project due for HSCI 340 (and we all know how stressful group projects are)
19 – quiz HSCI 324: human population genetics and evolution
21 – homework for MBB 222
24 – midterm for HSCI 340
26 – quiz and assignment due for HSCI 324 & quiz for MBB 222
I’m not complaining. It never slips my mind how lucky I am to be able to learn new things and study in university, but it’s a constant struggle trying to keep up with the workload of 5 classes. But eventually, I get burnt out.
So this weekend (happy veterans day!), I drove up to Whistler to stay at a friend’s cabin and it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. I discovered the cure to being burnt out is: alcohol, netflix, makeup, cozy blankets, a dance party (preferably at a bar), starbucks, and nature. As a student, it’s easy to overlook your mental health and make it your last priority, but being prone to constant stress makes it even more important to take a step back and take care of yourself when needed. Never underestimate what nature can do for your mental health.
After a crazy fun night out, we braved the cold (and hangover) and went on a hike around a lake in Whistler. The fresh air and beautiful views were enough to get my mind off of school and re-energize enough to take on the remaining 5 weeks of the semester (5 WEEKS!!!).

So if you’re feeling drained and uninspired time of the year, go for a hike. Bundle up and go for a walk with a friend. Read a book, not a textbook. Call up that friend you’ve been wanting to meet up with. Take photos. Work out. Get moving. Or don’t. Stay in bed with some hot choco and watch a documentary, that’s cool too. Go do that thing you love doing. Just give yourself a break and relax. You deserve it. Then tomorrow, we get up ready to kick ass all over again.

Love and happiness and kindness and crisp air to go all around —

♡ Pam


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