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📷 The One, The Only, The Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)

If there’s one thing you have to check out in Bangkok, it’s The Grand Palace. Just put it at the top of your list RIGHT NOW.

I’ve never been to a place with so much vibrant, delicate details from floor to ceiling. I was amused by all the tiles, the gems, the colours…everything. For the price of 500 baht (~14 usd) you can enter a complex with numerous buildings, shrines, hallways, and open lawns. It’s the kind of attraction where you keep exploring till your feet give up on you.

A couple things:
– get there EARLY (hours: 8:30am – 3:30pm). It becomes a tourist frenzy so it gets crowded during peak hours. It gets ridiculously hot too. Don’t forget to bring a fan and water.
– I wouldn’t recommend getting an audio guide. Because the crowds form quickly, I recommend taking photos as many photos you can while you’re there then learning about the history another time. Do your research beforehand so you have a bit of knowledge about the place.
– Don’t forget your sarong! It’s a sacred place, so they have a strict dress code here. Cover up your knees and shoulders.
– Wear slip on shoes. You need to take them off when entering some shrines so make it easier for yourself and wear slip-ons.

The Grand Palace

Every inch of this place is worth a photo. My memory card filled up after my trip to The Grand Palace. Bring backups.
99% chance of getting carried away with photos. You’re probably gonna want photos against every kind of background.
Exhibit A of why you should go early. If you go later in the day, your photos get ruined by selfie sticks and neon outfits in the background. Make sure you pack some patience when you go here! People want photos in the same spots, so you gotta wait your turn.
Side note: be a nice fellow-tourist and offer to take photos to those strugglin to get the good shot. We saw a couple taking a selfie against this place but really, how much of it can be seen when the camera’s that close? So I offered to take a photo of them and they were very thankful! They asked if we wanted a photo too, we said yes and got our poses on. As you can see…
Make sure you stick to your travel buddies during the visit. It’s horrible getting lost in a place as big as this one with no way of contacting each other. Isa and I drifted ways and it took about 20 mins till we found each other. So yeah, keep close.
When you exit The Grand Palace, chances are you’re gonna be hungry and thirsty. Don’t worry, there are hole in the wall restaurants right outside waiting to get your tourist money! Haha it’s true. But give them your baht anyways because they’ve got fresh young coconut waiting for you!


To get there:
– Take the Silom Line (train) to Saphan Taksin (we came from Ratchadamri train station)
– Then walk to the pier (a 1 min. walk, you won’t miss it)
– Buy a roundtrip ticket for the ferry (~$2)
– You can get off at Tha Chang or Tha Thien stop and walk to the Grand Palace

Bangkok Basics

We found this language guide on our first day and tried to use the local dialect whenever we could. The locals really appreciate it when you try to speak their language. Thai people are one of the friendliest, if not the friendliest, that I have ever met. We would say “sa-wat-dee-ka” whenever we entered a restaurant/hotel and their faces would light up! 

ลาก่อน (la-korn)

P.S. I made a video about my trip!

6 thoughts on “📷 The One, The Only, The Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)

  1. Same here. I went in the peak of summer and there were so many tour groups/student groups around. Selfie sticks are my pet peeve when I travel :< Just gotta make the most out of it! Love your blog btw! I went to Vietnam last summer and loved every minute of it ♡ I've been wanting to blog about it, but haven't had the chance to yet haha loved seeing your photos!


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