Top 3 Netflix Comedy Specials You Have To Watch

I’ve watched a couple live stand-up comedy shows in Vancouver and they’ve all been good for the price of $20 + a beer. When I discovered the world of stand-up comedy on Netflix…BOOM FRIDAY NIGHTS, SORTED! (cause who can be bothered to go out on winter nights) (and also, student life yo. free >> anything any day)

If you’re in need of a laugh or just in need of a break, make time to watch these. There are other specials that are straight-up funny and have you laughing the entire time, but the ones I chose as my top 3 are specials that were so incredibly real and honest, it was even more than I hoped it would be. The laughs in between are a bonus.

My top 3 Netflix comedy specials:

Neal Brennan: 3 Mics (2017) – Trailer



The show is set-up for him to have 3 mics on stage: 1 for comedic stories, 1 for one-liners, and 1 for “soul-baring confessions”. He talks about struggling with depression, his family life…shit gets dark reaaaal quick but w o w. Neal’s amazing. Can’t recommend this show enough.

Wicked one-liners and soul-baring confessions converge in this uniquely intimate stand-up special from “Chappelle’s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (2017) – Trailer

His stand-up set was so good, so much so that I had to write this blog post right after watching it. His show revolves around his experience as an immigrant/first-generation American. And holy crap can I relate to him (although Canadian, of course). Instead of rambling about the common encounters of racism like everyone does, he went even deeper. He talked about the conflict that arises between parent and child, not just the language barrier, but the nitty gritty like the difference in perspectives and values that escalate as they start to identify with different cultures.

Aside from being relatable, his energy is so infectious. I’m not used to comedians running around the stage, but I love when he did. His passion for comedy, his authenticity, and his humour bursts out of the screen in this one. I can’t wait to see where he goes from here. I’m rooting for him.

Michael Che Matters (2016) – Trailer


I watch him every week on SNL’s Weekend Updates so I was excited to watch his special as soon as it came out. He covered touchy subjects like the Black Lives Matter Movement and homophobia in a comical way, without trivializing its importance. I’m watching his Vancouver show in June! Can’t wait.

“SNL” star Michael Che takes on hot-button topics like inequality, homophobia and gentrification in this stand-up set filmed live in Brooklyn.




Any recommendations?

Looking for new comedy specials and documentaries to watch!


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