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Hiking Quarry Rock in North Vancouver

^ An actual getting to know you conversation where I lied about liking to hike but backed out 5 seconds later, afraid that he would ask me to go hiking lol it’s ok he understood

Vancouverites are all about that healthy, active, gluten-free, organic lifestyle. And I’m not hating. I get to wear my Lululemon leggings in public and blend in. The work-life balance is a high priority here, people make time after school or work to take care of themselves whether that be through a yoga, dance, spin class or hitting up the gym. As the weather gets warmer, hiking becomes the go-to fitness activity because there are so many hiking spots around Vancouver that cater to all fitness levels. They’re well-maintained and offer rewarding views at the end. Plus, it’s freeeee! I want to check out all the spots but my …fitness level… is stopping me from doing so hahaha slowly but surely, I’ll get there.

A couple weeks ago I checked out Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, North Vancouver (a 30 min drive from my house) with my family since it’s one of the easier hikes to do and it’s got a nice view at the top.

So on a sunny day, off we went…

The trail is a mix of wooden steps and dirt path.

After 55 mins of hiking (with short breaks in between), 3,500 steps and 2.5km later (yes I took note of this ok), we made it to the top!

Anyone can do this hike. We passed by a (very) pregnant woman, a dad carrying a baby in those baby pouch things, and older people doing it (they may or may not have been hiking faster than me).

There were quite a lot of people there at 6pm so I’d recommend timing your hike so you aren’t there during peak hours otherwise you get lots of people in your photo:

Exhibit A

It’s worth making a day trip out to Deep Cove. There’s lots to do there like paddle boarding, swimming, and having a picnic. There are cafes and stores around the area  that you could check out.

One hike down for the summer! I’ve signed up for a few things already: yoga/pilates/spin studio (they have it all! *happy dance*) and a dance class…but not just any dance class… a BEYONCÉ DANCE CLASS. I’m so excited woo

As long as the sun’s out, I’m out. This is the first time in 6 years that I’m spending the entire here in Vancouver since I usually go back to the Philippines (or travel). It’s nice being able to enjoy the city in all it’s glory, not rain nor 0 degree weather can stop me from enjoying! Oh, best part is that I can order an Iced Capp from Tim Horton’s and not look like a stupid idiot drinking in cold weather and freezing myself to death, now I can happily drink on an iced capp under the sun. It’s the little things. Here’s to making the most of the hot Vancouver summer.

Pam ♡ 


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